Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Only six days to go....

...and the nerves are starting to wave at me in the distance.

Do I feel organised? - partially - everything seems to be falling into place including my passport which is barely going to have cooled from the press before being stamped in Japan, the Nederlands (apparently Amsterdam isn´t in Germany after all...) and Spain! Not sure whether they actually stamp your passport when making a connecting flight through a country but I will find out soon enough.

Australia (Invasion) Day tomorrow and I will be scanning documents for all I am worth so that at least I will have copies via Gmail - I am trusting that there will be some sort of connectivity to the net if I get into any sort of strife.

After several days over 40°C here in Adelaide and finding out that there has been snow not only in Madrid but Tokyo as well; I am not looking forward to packing thermals or purchasing a scarf and beanie combination. Winter?! It's going to be a shock to the system.

I am currently doing research into the places that we will be going and will post the links here.

It should be *interesting* at the very least. :)


Anonymous gilliyn carolan byrne said...

star, hun just checked your blog thing and can i just say that you arent goin to germany at all hun, amsterdam is not flipping germany - but i am quite sure you will like it anyway! look forward to seeing you soon and no they wont stamp your passport going into spain or ireland but sure the photos will be proof enough!
see you soon,
lotsa luv,
gill xxxxx

8:12 am  
Anonymous Roxy said...

Alistair! :)

Have a fantastic time on your travels! I hope your time away is full of all of the wonderful things you expect, and more.

Enjoy and safe travelling!

I will keep checking your blog for juicy updates :P


12:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This deserves to be one of the entries on the WikiLog.

7:43 am  

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