Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ireland in Spain...

Gilliyn and Neville arrived last night at Barajas airport. I was stressed that we would not get there in time so took a taxi which was possibly the better idea except for the fact the taxi driver had no idea where to go and had to circle twice after going the wrong way and not listening to Juan - meter still running mind you!

We were in the right place more by luck that good management by the dodgy taxi driver. The airport is huge and the fourth terminal only opened last week. There are doors that look to be automatic someday, just leaning against openings in a precarious fashion. There have been teething problems in the opening that sound rather like the delayed opening of Adelaide´s new international terminal.

Ireland has banned smoking in pubs and clubs and here in Madrid the smoke is thick in restaurants and bars alike. Juan took us to a place to experience sangria but it was very popular and terribly noisy so we waited, were seated, observed for a moment and then yelled that we would try somewhere else.

Ironically just across the road was an Irish pub (Gill and Nev are from Ireland) where we settled happily. I was attempting to order cidir (cider) from the lady at the bar and she informed me in a strong English accent of her ability to speak English...

The weather has continued to remain fine and 10°C nights are not that bad at all. We plan to take the bus tour of sights of Madrid today before an evening at a vegetarian restaurant with some friends of Juan´s; one of whom is moving to Ireland so will quiz Gilliyn and Nev.

Some pics...

Farewell gift from the Koonamorians... (waves enthusiastically).

Juan, Elena, Pedro and Jorge outside a vegetarian restaurant we had lunch at. Pedro and Elena are vegans and father and daughter, and Jorge is Elena´s partner.

Candlemaking in Madrid. Some curious candles.

A gentleman selling some type of root that you chew. It has a distinct wheat grass juice flavor and all the fibre expected in a root. Interesting experience, definitely not addictive.

A very content stray cat enjoying the sun...

Sunset through the trees.

Boating on the lake in Parque del Retiro.


Blogger Roxy said...

Hi Alistair

It sounds like you are having a great time! Everytime I look at that photo of the banana candles I burst out laughing!!! I want one :)


2:32 pm  
Anonymous Kathryn Duthie said...

Been a while since you posted. Hope you're still having loads of fun.

6:05 pm  

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