Monday, November 19, 2007

Some time away


All the details from the trip to Spain remain un-posted - but it may happen... :) ... one day....

It's ironic in a way that I am taking some time out for myself, but there is always a great deal to be doing.

I needed to get away as I am having difficulty "digesting" the live export footage from the last Animals Australia Middle East investigation. Speaking about it publicly has become impossible as I choke up when I remember the images and sounds. It's not that I *feel* something extreme - I feel dis-attached and yet can't speak and get awash with tears. It is frustrating and counter-productive. I think that if I had to feel the enormity of the horror, I would implode - hence the dis-attachment and agony / mental indigestion.

While not seriously believing in "a greater plan" etc, one of those things that forces you to slow down occurred - I came to Mildura without my wallet. This is forcing me to stay put with virtually no resources which is exactly what I need to be doing. If I had the freedom that having
cash gives you, I would be out and about.... and not resting instead of getting things organised so it's a good thing.

It is incredibly dry up here in Mildura - I haven't seen it so dry before. The trees are suffering, the grass is gone and today it will be 42°C. It's reaching that temperature now.

I am going to sort myself out with some software training, inside in the cool.

Image is the Saturday sunset looking west from my Cardross home.