Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Only six days to go....

...and the nerves are starting to wave at me in the distance.

Do I feel organised? - partially - everything seems to be falling into place including my passport which is barely going to have cooled from the press before being stamped in Japan, the Nederlands (apparently Amsterdam isn´t in Germany after all...) and Spain! Not sure whether they actually stamp your passport when making a connecting flight through a country but I will find out soon enough.

Australia (Invasion) Day tomorrow and I will be scanning documents for all I am worth so that at least I will have copies via Gmail - I am trusting that there will be some sort of connectivity to the net if I get into any sort of strife.

After several days over 40°C here in Adelaide and finding out that there has been snow not only in Madrid but Tokyo as well; I am not looking forward to packing thermals or purchasing a scarf and beanie combination. Winter?! It's going to be a shock to the system.

I am currently doing research into the places that we will be going and will post the links here.

It should be *interesting* at the very least. :)